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Origins « the rooots »:

LIQUIDROOOTS is, as often in music, the result of a chance encounter; in the present case between a group of musicians from the reggae scene and a communicative singer with a powerful voice and bursting with energy.


Music, sound and groove:

You can define the sound of LIQUIDROOOTS as reggae-pop. An explosive mixture of pop-rock vocals on well pulsating reggae grooves. The many influences of other musical styles such as funk, rock, jazz, soul and pop complete the sound and give him a clean and unique identity.



The lyrics find their inspiration in everyday life or comment some of the outrages which our society abounds.

The message from LIQUIDROOOTS is and remains always positive and is quite simple:




In the centre of LIQUIDROOOTS stands a bundle of pure energy who won’t be forget so quickly after the first contact: lead singer Syana with her powerful voice. Syana is not a blank slate, known among other things as a singer in the choir of Sandee in the Swiss television show “Kampf der Chöre”, as a finalist and winner of various national singing competitions and for her studio projects, to name just a few examples. Vocally, Syana is supported by the two experienced backing vocals, Sista Jackie and Sista Anita.

The musicians of LIQUIDROOOTS (Dirix: Keyboards, Mr. Brunch: Guitar, Babasam: Bass, DW: Drums) are not coming from nowhere either. They have a long common stage experience with more than 250 concerts as the founding members of the well known reggae band JAH MAN GANG. The goal of the musicians of LIQUIDROOOTS is to create a musical playground for the lead singer Syana where she can release all of her communicative energy and on the other hand, simply to transmit their joy of playing live music to the audience.

With its catchy rhythms and the three charming voices, LIQUIDROOOTS offers as much to seduce the ears than the eyes.




Current activities:

Currently performing on live and focus on distribution od our Album.



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Band members:

Lead vocal:                         Syana

Backing vocal:                   Sista Jackie

Backing vocal:                   Sista Anita

Keyboards:                        Dirix

Guitar:                                Mr. Brunch

Bass:                                   Babasam

Drums:                                DW